The illustrator of Studio Brenda Talent in Antwerp

Who is behind Studio Brenda Talent?

icoon lijn

Brenda Talent is an alter-ego who originates from the heydays of her adolescence, between games of Big Bertha and Frisbee. Brenda Talent became an escape from reality, an alter ego who defies and stretches the laws and boundaries of reality.

After a few wanderings in the graphic world and the world of animation, Brenda rediscovered the fascinating landscape of illustration. A landscape in which Brenda Talent can fully develop herself.

Director, Illustrator and Star Actor

In her role as Brenda Talent, she creates fictive stories in which she plays the roles of director, illustrator and star actor. She takes her readers on a journey without an end, a journey where there is always something going on. As Brenda Talent, she rediscovers herself every day and indulges herself completely in the world of illustration. 

Brenda's preference is to make illustrations for birthday cards, children’s books, postcards and labels for drinks bottles. Her imagination is infinite and provides original illustrations in which the viewer discovers new detail with every viewing.

Who is Sophie van den Fonteyne?

In her spare time, on occasion, she dares to strike a few musical notes on her ukulele, but her neighbours doubt her musical talent. She likes to make road trips through Antwerp on her pink bike, which she has christened Mariette. For a cup of nice coffee and a piece of cake, you can wake her up at any time of the day or night.

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